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In the future, a nuclear war has left Earth as a desert wasteland, where the ocean has dried up. The world is now ruled by a sinister corporation known as the E-Protectorate. Beyond ruthless, they hoard water and take children from their families to train them to work for the corporation. But when a group of young rebels discover an extraterrestrial sphere with healing powers, they set out to release the planet from the clutches of the oppressors. With its dazzling visual effects and mesmerizing score, Solarbabies is pure entertainment from start to finish.


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Titel: Solarwarriors

Mediatyp: Blu-Ray

Kategori: Sci-fi

År: 1986

Filmens längd: 95 Min

Skådespelare: Richard Jordan

Objektets skick: Begagnad

Utgivare/bolag: 101 Films

Utgåva: Brittisk

Region: B

Textning: Otextad

Fodraltyp: Keepcase

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