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PLAY DIRTY (blu-ray)

Captain Douglas (Michael Caine) is the British army leader who is ordered to lead a band of mercenaries into the desert; their mission is to knock out an enemy fuel reserve. The inexperienced captain contends with a veteran Colonel (Nigel Green) who is enamoured with using old history books to fight modern battles. Cyril Leech (Nigel Davenport) is the experienced mercenary hired by Brigadier Blore (Harry Andrews) to help guide Douglas and his group through the dangerous plot.

Leech and Douglas have differences of opinion on how to successfully carry out the mission. As if the trouble with the Nazis wasn’t enough, Brigadier Blore sells them out by tipping off the enemy through a spy. Douglas and the few men he

has left must survive the sweltering heat and the enemy gunfire in order to insure their survival.


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PLAY DIRTY (blu-ray)

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Titel: Play Dirty ( Ruttet Spel )

Mediatyp: Blu-Ray

Kategori: Klassiker – Krigsfilm

År: 1969

Filmens längd: 115 Min

Skådespelare: Michael Caine , Nigel Davenport

Objektets skick: Begagnad

Utgivare/bolag: 101 Films

Utgåva: Brittisk

Region: B

Textning: Otextad

Fodraltyp: Keepcase

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