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MONA LISA (blu-ray)

Recently released from prison, George (Bob Hoskins) hopes to return to his wife and daughter, but is told in no uncertain terms that it’s not an option. His friend Thomas (Robbie Coltrane) is much more obliging and before long George has found work driving high-class call-girl Simone (Cathy Tyson) from client to client in London. George’s lack of social nous (and Simone’s reaction to his blunders) provide some uneasy laughs and before long the pair reach an understanding and are united in Simone’s search for her young friend Cathy (Kate Hardy). But finding Cathy leads to deadly underworld kingpin Mortwell (Michael Caine), and a heartbreaking scene on Brighton pier. Classic drama from director Neil Jordan, with Hoskins delivering one of the great performances of the 1980s.


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MONA LISA (blu-ray)

Artikelnummer 160386 Kategorier , , , , , Etikett


Titel: Mina Lisa

Mediatyp: Blu-Ray

Kategori: Thriller

År: 1986

Filmens längd: 103 Min

Skådespelare: Bob Hoskins , Cathy Tyson , Michael Caine

Objektets skick: Ny/Inplastad

Utgivare/bolag: Arrow

Utgåva: Brittisk

Region: B

Textning: Engelska

Fodraltyp: Keepcase

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