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On October 29, 1999 the world’s greatest touring band blew onstage in the world’s entertainment capital. With Kiss: Live in Las Vegas, fans of the world’s hottest band can finally see this groundbreaking rare appearance up close and personal.

The performance had been slated for broadcast over the Internet to an audience of more than One Billion People Worldwide. Tickets to the show were among the most coveted in history and were reserved for an invitation only guest list that consisted of celebrities and large investors in the company promoting the event.

On the night of the webcast the computer servers that had been set up to send the performance through the Internet Crashed, leaving KISS’ legions of fans desperate to see the concert which had been hyped for months prior to the doomed global link up.

KISS: Live in Las Vegas gives fans a chance to finally see the concert that fate denied them the first time around. This high-energy performance features some of their biggest hits and proves that they can indeed live up to the claim.


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Titel: Kiss – Live In Las Vegas

Mediatyp: Dvd

Kategori: Musik – Hårdrock

År: 1999

Filmens längd: 100 Min

Medverkande: Gene Simmons , Paul Stanley

Objektets skick: Begagnad

Utgivare/bolag: Musikservice

Utgåva: Import

Svensk textning: Nej

Fodraltyp: Keep Case

Övrig info:

Extra material
» *KISS: LIVE IN LAS VEGAS also contains the added bonus feature of 5 camera angles.
» *Interview with the band upon the eve of their farewell tour.
» *Footage of the band launching their first-ever theatrical film: DETROIT ROCK CITY, with a mini performance at the premiere.
» *Gene and Paul’s appearance
in full makeup, at the Hollywood Tower Records to release their long awaited retrospective box set.
» *KISS receiving their Star on Hollywoods legenadary Walk of Fame.
» * The great tribute bands who
» through their dead-on mimicry of their idols, have made a name for themselves within the world of KISS’s global fanbase…
» *Footage and interviews of the m
» Ost dedicated fans in the world… the KISS Army.
» *RE-MIXED In Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound.


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