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CLASS (bluray)

ROB LOWE and ANDREW McCARTHY makes their feature film debuts in this hilarious, sexy mixture of fantasy and farce. Co-starring JACQUELINE BISSET and filled with lusty coerds, wild times and outrageous scenes, this mother of all teen comedies is pure fantasy for boys of all ages.

When wealthy prep-school senior Skip (Lowe) learns that his shy new roomate Jonathan (McCarthy) is a total loser at romance, he sends the aspiring young Romeo to the city to learn the ropes – before he ruins both their reputations. But when Jonathan is seduced by a sexy older woman named Ellen (Bisset), he begins a zany, romantic mis-education that starts with a double major in lust and deception – and ends with the uproarious discovery that not only is Ellen the woman of his dreams… she’s also Skip’s mother!


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CLASS (bluray)

Artikelnummer 1893111 Kategorier , , , Etikett


Titel: Class ( Jonathans Frestelse )

Mediatyp: Bluray

Kategori: Komedi

År: 1983

Filmens längd: 98min

Skådespelare: Jacqueline Bisset , Rob Lowe , Andrew McCarthy

Objektets skick: Begagnad

Utgivare/bolag: Olive Films

Utgåva: USA

Svensk textning: Nej

Fodraltyp:Keep case

Övrig info: OBS ! REGION A (regionsfri spelare krävs)


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