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Both F/X films in high definition in this double pack. F/X – Special effects expert Rollie Tyler (Bryan Brown) is widely acknowledged as the best in the business. Hired by the Justice Department to fake the death of Mafia boss-turned-informant Nicholas DeFranco, Rollie pulls the job off without a hitch. However, when the Mafioso kingpin goes missing for real, it is the SFX man who is collared for his murder. On the run from both the police and the mob, Rollie now has to rely on his skills of deception in order to survive. F/X 2 – Follow-on from the 1986 film ’FX – Murder by Illusion’ in which Tyler (Bryan Brown) is now semi-retired. However, his girlfriend s ex-husband talks him out of the quiet life after five years and into taking part in a police-sting operation. When the latter is murdered, Tyler investigates; with the help of his old police partner (Brian Dennehy) and soon they are trapped in a dangerous web of murder, treachery and deceit.


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Titel: FX The Complete Collection

Mediatyp: Blu-Ray

Kategori: Acttion

År: FX – Dödlig Effekt 1986 , FX 2 -1991

Filmens längd: 231 Min

Skådespelare: Bryan Brown

Objektets skick: Begagnad

Utgivare/bolag: 101 Films

Utgåva: Brittisk

Region: B

Textning: Otextad

Fodraltyp: Keepcase

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