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FOXY BROWN (blu-ray)

She’s brown sugar and spice… and if you don’t watch it, she’ll put you on ice! Delivering a performance worthy of the Queen of the Blaxploitation genre, Pam Grier portrays one of the screen’s first action heroines with humour, sensitivity and steely determination. This electrifying revenge thriller explodes with all the sex appeal and cooler-than-cool attitude of its irresistable leading lady.

Foxy Brown (Grier) has found her soul mate in an undercover narcotics investigator, but when he is brutally murdered, she swears vengeance against the crime ring responsible. Posing as a call girl to gain access to the ring’s inner circle, Foxy discovers just how high the corruption extends, igniting a blistering war that takes her from the city streets to a remote drug laboratory to a breathtaking mid-air battle behind the controls of an airplane! But the most startling confrontations are yet to come, as she schemes to bring down her boyfriend’s killers in ways they never could have imagined!


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FOXY BROWN (blu-ray)

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Titel: Foxy Brown – Livsfarlig hämnare

Mediatyp: Blu-Ray

Kategori: Klassiker – Action

År: 1974

Filmens längd: 92 Min

Skådespelare: Pam Grier , Antonio Fargas

Objektets skick: Begagnad

Utgivare/bolag: Arrow

Utgåva: Brittisk

Region: B

Textning: Engelska

Fodraltyp: Keepcase

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